How To Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen In Xiaomi Devices

Are you searching for How to fix unresponsive touch screens in Xiaomi devices? Do not worry! if your Xiaomi touchscreen stopped working. in this post, we will fix your Xiaomi unresponsive screen and Xiaomi touchscreen sensitivity.


 in simple and easy-to-follow ways:

How To Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen in Xiaomi Devices?

Main points on How To Fix Unresponsive TouchScreens in Xiaomi Devices:

  • Change Your Xiaomi TouchScreen Protector:
  • Force Restart your Xiaomi Unresponsive Screen:
  • Screen Mirroring Your Xioami to PC:
  • Delete Apps in your Xioami Phone:
  • Change The Touch Sensitivity in The Settings:
  • Turn Off The Power Save Mode:
  • Delete Apps and Games:

Change Your Xiaomi TouchScreen Protector:

Did you know that your screen protector may be the reason for the not working screen? Some screen protectors are bad quality which causes the screen to fail.

Examine your screen protector as it may be causing the issues of the insensitive touchscreen of your device. Your screen protector can be of low quality.

Try to remove the screen protector and test the touchscreen and see if that fixes the problem.

Force Restart your Xiaomi Unresponsive Screen:

The best solution to fix your non-responsive touchscreen is to force restart your Xiaomi phone

  • Go and Press the power button on the side of your Xiaomi phone. 
  • Keep holding for 15 seconds until you see the mi logo appear.

Screen Mirroring Your Xiaomi to PC:

If restarting your phone did not work for you then you will need to try to screen mirroring your phone to your PC. 

A great tool to do that is airdroid you can download it on your laptop or PC. Connect your phone with pc with a USB.

Here is the full guide.

 After connecting your phone go and do the following steps:

Delete Apps in your Xioami Phone:

Apps may cause the phone to glitch and may cause the touchscreen to not work properly especially if you downloaded an app from an anonymous website. To solve this problem you will have to turn your Samsung A53 into safe mode.

Change The Touch Sensitivity in your Xiaomi:

changing your touch sensitivity will improve your phone usage experience. Tap “Settings” or ” Additional settings”

  • Go and Tap on “Language and Input.”
  • Scroll ahead to the bottom of these settings and tap “Pointer speed”.
  • The default speed should be %50. Expand the slider to make the touchscreen more sensitive and more effortless to tap. Lower the slider to make your touchscreen less sensitive and more hard to tap.
  • Click on OK and there you go.

Turn Off The Power Save Mode:

Turn off the Power saving mode on the Xiaomi phone as it may cause a lagging and unresponding touchscreen.

Delete Apps and Games:

Delete apps that you suspect are harming your Xioami phone and causing your phone to become unresponsive. 

You must delete any apps and games that are from unfamiliar websites as they may harm your overall phone. Also, large games can cause an unresponsive touchscreen as it will take up a large amount of your memory space.

[How To Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen In Xiaomi Devices]

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How to prevent your Xioami device from becoming unresponsive in the future:

Do Not Use low-quality or duplicate adapters:

Using a duplicate or a non-original adapter will harm your phone and your touchscreen 

It is always recommended to buy an original supported adapter from the phone’s official brand for the best results.

If you are too lazy like me to go to the phone store and grab an adaptor you can simply get one from here

Use The Original Cable:

If you are using a random cable you bought from a random store. then it is 87% of the reason for your slow charging problem.

It is always best for you to use the original cable supplied by the Xiaomi company. In case the original cable is damaged or lost you can simply buy a cable that matches your phone from Amazon here. 

[How To Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen In Xiaomi Devices]

Do Not Charge Your Phone From PC: 

If you are using your laptop, PC, power bank, or your car as a charging source then you need to alter your power source to a wall socket to prevent your touchscreen from being unresponsive 

Always delete unwanted apps and files: 

Always keep space in the memory by deleting your useless apps and large old files. you can also transfer important and large files from your phone to your PC to save more space in your phone. 

Keep Your Screen Clean:

The dirty touchscreen can be considered the reason for 90% of touchscreens not working properly. As we use the touchscreen A LOT it happens that it becomes dirty on our hands. or maybe your touchscreen is oily because you forgot and touched it without cleaning your hands carefully.

Conclusion On How To Fix Unresponsive TouchScreens in Xiaomi Devices?

We hope our guide on How to fix unresponsive touch screens in Xiaomi devices was useful. If you have any tips other than what we’ve mentioned, Share them with us and other readers in the comments below!


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