Stop Waiting for Your Phone to Charge: How to Fix Your Slow-Charging Samsung Devices

How to Fix Your Slow-Charging Samsung Devices:

Are you suffering from slow-charging issues with your Samsung device? Don’t let it ruin your day! 

In this guide, we will show you the top and the most common reasons for slow charging in Samsung devices and we will show you step-by-step solutions on how to fix your slow-charging Samsung device quickly and easily. From checking your charging cable to optimizing battery settings, do not worry we’ve got you covered. Learn how to fix your slow-charging Samsung device now:

The reasons behind the slow charging of your Samsung device :

  • The Storage Space is Full
  • A lot of apps are running in the background
  • The software needs to update
  • Malware or viruses
  • Hardware issues

In the following point, we are going to explain the previous points in detail and discuss ways to fix slow charging on android 

How to Fix Your Slow-Charging Samsung Devices:

Battery Optimization:

the first thing you should do is optimize your battery. go to settings> Device care > Click on optimize now to optimize your “battery”,” secure”, “memory”, and storage

Enable Power Mode:  

a great solution to fix your slow-charging device is to enable the power mode. it helps to extend your battery life by blocking wifi, mobile data, and apps that are running in the background and always on display. That will help a lot to extend your Samsung battery life. 

Check Your Adapter: 

let’s start with the hardware solutions. And the first thing to do is to check your adapter.

A lot of Samsung devices’ Slow Charging Problems are caused by the adapter.

I know you might think now that you can not know if the adopter is the problem or not by just looking by simply looking at it. 

So a great thing to do is to test your phone adapter with a simple trick.  

The trick is to try your adapter with different cables (that you are sure 100% are working perfectly ). 

If you noticed a change in your phone charging speed then your next move will be changing the phone adopter.

It is always recommended to buy an original supported adapter from the phone’s official brand for the best results. 

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Check Your Charging Cable:

How to Fix Your Slow-Charging Samsung Devices:
How to Fix Your Slow-Charging Samsung Devices:

Sometimes the slow charging in Samsung devices can be caused by the charging cable. Phone experts consider the charging cable as a sensitive part as you can see it can be damaged easily.

The charging cable life span is considered to be the lowest and it can easily harm your phone if there is a problem with the charging cable. 

Here are the three important things to consider with your charging cable:

Your Cable is Broken:

Start by looking for any cuts or damage in the cable. Bending and Squishing the cable also lead to the cable not charging normally and will cause you slow charging in Samsung devices. In this case, you should change your cable immediately or it may harm your phone battery also at the end.

Your Cable is Not Supported: 

If you are using a random cable you bought from a random store. Then it maybe is the of the reason for your slow charging problem.

Using the original cables supplied by the smartphone company is constantly suggested. In case the original cable is damaged or lost you can simply buy a cable that matches your phone from Amazon here. 

If you kept using a bad quality cable and did not take the cable problem seriously you are putting your phone in danger of harming the battery forever.

Try A Different Power Source: 

Sometimes the problem solution can be as simple as changing the power source.

As you can see your slow charging problem can be caused by your charging source. If you are using your laptop, PC, power bank, or your car as a charging source then you need to alter your power source to a wall socket as it charges much faster than any other mediums mentioned above.

You can also try different wall sockets as the electricity power change between each one.   

Apps Working In The Background:

Your problem may not be hardware but a software one. Your apps may be the reason for slow charging as apps Soak up a lot of energy from the battery. 

As You may have a running app in the background consuming your phone power and slowing your charging speed without realizing it!

How to fix this?

There are two methods to stop the apps from running in the background.

The first method: swipe up with your finger then go to the X button to close all the running apps in the background.

The other Method:

To stop the apps running in the background you can simply download the “Kill apps” from google play and it will contain all the running apps automatically.

Slow internet connection:  turn off your wifi connection because a slow internet connection can cause your phone and apps to load slowly and impact general performance.

How to Fix Your Slow-Charging Samsung Devices: Change The Battery

If all the above solutions did not work for you then your main problem can be your battery.

The best way to fix your Samsung device’s slow charging problems is to change your battery.

As you may be now meeting one of two problems: 

An Old Battery Problem: 

The most common problem for phone battery problems is aging. Battery over time gets drained and will not work the same over time.

Aged batteries will affect the phone’s performance as the phone will be slower, and phone apps may lag. That’s a red flag that you need to change your battery.

Damaged Battery problem:

The life span of a phone battery is supposed to last long. But of course, it all relies on your use. 

If you are a gamer and like to play games like cand crush, PUBG, and other games then this definitely caused your battery to weaken. 

Also, long screen time can cause your battery to be tremendously lowered over time.

Scrolling Facebook and Reddit in your bed all day can cause the battery to be damaged over time.

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In conclusion, slow charging can be a frustrating issue for Samsung device owners. However, by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively troubleshoot and fix the problem.

The most common causes of slow charging in Samsung devices include insufficient storage space, running too many background apps, outdated software, malware or viruses, and hardware issues.

To fix these issues, you can check your charging cable and adapter, close running apps and services, optimize battery settings, check for software updates, and even perform a factory reset. By regularly maintaining your device and optimizing its settings, you can ensure that your Samsung device is charging at its optimal speed. 

if you have any questions please write them down in a comment and do not forget to share. have a nice day!

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