[NEW]Redmi Note 8 Pro Slow Charging Problem

If you are looking for a good quality camera, battery life that lasts long, and high-speed performance then Redmi Note 8 Pro is what you are looking for. Redmi Note 8 Pro is one of the great phones Xiaomi released. But as all phones can face slow charging problems Redmi Note 8 Pro has slow sharing problems too.

In this post, we will solve together Redmi Note 8 Pro’s Slow Charging Problems in easy simple ways to follow and apply. But first, we will talk about Redmi Note 8 Pro features then we will also discuss the reasons behind the Redmi Note 8 Pro’s Slow Charging Problem. And how to fix Redmi Note 8 Pro Slow Charging Problem with a wrap-up on the end.

Redmi Note 8 Pro Features:

158.3 x 75.3 x 8.4 mm (6.23 x 2.96 x 0.33 in)
190 (6.70 oz)
Glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5), plastic frame
6.3 inches, 97.4 cm2 (~81.7% screen-to-body ratio)
1080 x 2340 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~409 ppi density)
Corning Gorilla Glass 5
MEMORYCard slot
microSDXC (dedicated slot)
32GB 3GB RAM, 64GB 4GB RAM, 64GB 6GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 6GB RAM
MAIN CAMERAQuad48 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide), 1/2.0″, 0.8µm, PDAF
8 MP, f/2.2, 120˚ (ultrawide), 1/4.0″, 1.12µm
13 MP, f/2.0, (wide), 1/3.1″, 1.12µm
BATTERYType ChargingLi-Po 4000 mAh, non-removable
18W wired
Neptune Blue, Moonlight White, Space Black, Nebula Purple, Cosmic Purple

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Redmi Note 8 Pro Slow Charging Problem Fixed
Redmi Note 8 Pro Slow Charging Problem Fixed

What Are The Reasons For the Redmi Note 8 Pro Plus Not Fast Charging?

The Adapter Is The Problem: 

let’s start with the hardware problems. And the first thing to do is to check your adapter.

67% of Xiaomi devices’ Slow Charging Problems are caused by the adapter.

I know you might think now that you can not know if the adopter is the problem or not by just looking by simply looking at it.

So a great thing to do is to test your phone adapter with a simple trick.

The trick is to try your adapter with different cables (that you are sure 100% are working perfectly ).

If you noticed a change in your phone charging speed then it was the reason for your slow charging problem (dah! I know you already fingered it out)

So your next move is to change the phone adopter.

It is always recommended to buy an original supported adapter from the phone’s official brand for the best results.

If you are too lazy like me to go to the phone store and grab a new adopter you can simply get one from here

Damged Charging Cord:

Sometimes the slow charging in Xiaomi devices can be caused by the charging cable. Phone experts consider the charging cable a sensitive part as you can see it can be damaged easily.

The charging cable life span is considered to be the lowest and it can easily harm your phone if there is a problem with the charging cable.

Here are the three important things to consider with your charging cable:

The Cable is Harmed:

Start by looking for any cuts or damage in the cable. Bending and Squishing the cable also lead to the cable not charging normally and will cause you slow charging in Xiaomi devices. In this case, you should change your cable immediately or it may harm your phone battery also at the end.

Cord Not Supported: 

If you are using a random cable you bought from a random store. then it is 87% of the reason for your slow charging problem.

Using the original cables supplied by the smartphone company is constantly suggested. In case the original cable is damaged or lost you can simply buy a cable that matches your phone from Amazon here.

If you kept using a bad quality cable and did not take the cable problem seriously you are putting your phone in danger of harming the battery forever.

Alter your Power Origin: 

Sometimes the problem solution can be as simple as changing the power source.

As you can see your slow charging problem can be caused by your charging source. If you are using your laptop, PC, power bank, or your car as a charging source then you need to alter your power source to a wall socket as it charges much faster than any other mediums mentioned above.

You can also try different wall sockets as the electricity power change between each one.

Apps Performing In The Background:

Your problem may not be hardware but a software one. Your apps may be the reason for slow charging as apps Soak up 68% or even more from the battery.

As You may have a running app in the background consuming your phone power and slowing your charging speed without realizing it!

How to fix this?

There are two methods to stop the apps from running in the background.

The first method: swipe up with your finger then go to the X button to close all the running apps in the background.

The other Method:

To stop the apps running in the background, you can simply download the “Kill apps” from google play and it will automatically contain all the running apps.

Last Solution: Change The Battery.

If all the above solutions did not work for you then your main problem can be your battery.

The best way to fix your Xiaomi device’s slow charging problems is to change your battery.

As you may be now meeting one of two problems:

An Old Battery Problem: 

The most common problem for phone battery problems is aging. Battery over time gets drained and will not work the same over time.

Aged batteries will affect the phone’s performance as the phone will be slower, and phone apps may lag. That’s a red flag that you need to change your battery.

Damaged Battery problem:

The life span of a phone battery is supposed to last long. But of course, it all relies on your use.

If you are a gamer and like to play games like cand crush, PUBG, and other games then this definitely caused your battery to weaken.

I myself am guilty of playing a lot of games on my phone and I can assure you my phone battery was not happy about that.

Also, long screen time can cause your battery to be tremendously lowered over time.

Scrolling Facebook and Reddit in your bed all day can cause the battery to be damaged over time.

How to fix slow charging in Xiaomi devices?

Tips to Avert Slow Charging Issues In Xiaomi Devices in The Future: 

here are useful other tips that would help you to fix your slow charging problem. Note that these tips are going to focus on the software side of the slow charging problem.

Do not use a phone while charging:

The first and most important tip is to not use your phone while charging. Using a phone during charging will reduce the battery life span.

Wonder Why?

Because If you are using your phone while it is charging and running heavy applications, your phone will start heating up, which can lead to problems with your phone’s battery, which may also hurt your phone’s short circuit.

Use Battery Saving Mode:

Using battery saving mode is the most simple way to extend the battery life span. To turn on battery saving mode:

Choose Settings > Go To Battery > Choose the power saving mode you’d like > Select the switch to turn it on or off.

Use The Airplane Mode

If you want to charge your phone as fast as possible, try to turn on the Airplane mode before plugging in your charger. You will notice that it consumes less energy When your phone is in Airplane mode.

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NEW Redmi 9a Slow Charging Problem! What To Do?

Wrap-Up on Redmi 9a Slow Charging Problem How to Fix :

So here is the method to fix you… slow charging and in case you missed something 

here are the ways to fix your..slow charging: 

  • Check Your Adapter.
  • Charging Cable.
  • Alter your Power Source. 
  • Apps working in the background.
  • Do not use a phone while charging.
  • Use Battery Saving Mode.
  • Update your Phone’s Software.
  • Use The Airplane Mode
  • Change your phone

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